Monday, August 30, 2010

Death of a Relationship

Do you see the empty bed
So white, so bare?
I remember it was red
When we first laid there,
Warm and glowing, in love.

I hear you coming through the door;
You turn the key, you sigh, you're sore.
I wait for you to call my name,
To reach out to me;
I only hear the slam of the bathroom door.

Dinner is in silence.
I sometimes talk, you mostly listen.
I want to ask you about your day,
How things came your way,
But I don't.
You prefer the silence.

You're sleeping by my side,
I'm awake, wide-eyed,
I can touch you, I could close the distance,
If only you would do so too,
If you could be my guide.

I hear you breathe,
Soft and even;
I long to snuggle,
Embrace the warm heaven;
But the chill is within us,
Not just in the weather.

It is the death, the sad sad death,
Darling, it is the death of our relationship.
Every rose has a thorn,
The rose has withered and perished,
The thorn pricked and the blood trickled;
Will our bed be red again?